Registration now OPEN…and Exciting News for Sierra's 2013 Race!

Registration is now OPEN for Sierra’s Race 2013, which will be held on June 1st @ The Ranch at Budweiser Event Center! We are so excited to announce that meningitis survivor, Amy Purdy, will be sharing her amazing story at Sierra’s Race this year! Despite losing both her legs to meningitis, Amy followed her dreams, becoming a professional snowboarder, entrepreneur & participant on The Amazing Race. We are honored to have Amy speaking at this years ceremony. Please join us after the race to hear her¬†inspirational story of courage. Check out her full bio on our website!


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  1. Brenda Chavez

    It would be great to see this expanded to the Denver area. My nephew died at the age of 28 from Meningitis. I will be registering for the race as well…but I know if it were in Denver, you’d have a huge turn out and raise awareness and money. Perhaps have two races one in Loveland and one in Denver. Just a suggestion. Thanks for all you do.

    • SMK

      Hi Brenda,
      Most importantly, our family would like to express our deepest sympathy for the loss of your nephew. This disease is so devastating…It saddens us to hear of other families that are going through the pain of losing someone. Our dream would be to expand Sierra’s 5K Run/Walk throughout Colorado, or even Nationally- however planning this one race takes an incredible amount of energy, time and resources. Hopefully that is something that we can make happen in the future! We have had a few people put on a “Sierra’s Race” in other states – and we support them however possible!
      Thank you again for your support …See you on June 1st!
      Sierra’s Family


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